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The job booster cocoon story: expats’ spouses, searching for a job in Paris or its surroundings ? Here is what you were looking for !

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Do you feel there is a glass wall between you and the French job market? Are you looking for a job in Paris? The fact of coming from abroad, of having no strong network and sometimes not speaking perfectly French makes it  difficult for the pioneers who follow their dear one in his/her international postings, especially here where the market is not so brilliant, even for the French.

 We know what it means, in Expat Communication, as we all have been expatriates, and we all have worked abroad. We know perfectly the weaknesses of an expat’s spouse profile on the market. We also know that expatriates have strong assets : global mindset, courage, energy, and all the talents they developed in their previous experiences.

 We also discovered that with the magic of the team spirit, expatriates’ spouses weaknesses on the market can be superated . If you gather together courageous and creative people in a benevolent and dynamic group, confidence and daring will be back, people will florish and surprise us. All we have to do is to bring structure and market experience.


Today, we can summarize in a sentence all that we’ve learnt: In a constantly evolving environment, all of us are responsible for our own employability but we need others to get there.

We are launching groups of active job search: the job booster cocoons. Today, they open in Paris. They are opened to expatriates’ spouses who arrive in France as well as to French expatriates returning to Paris with an international experience.

JOB: the purpose is to find a job.

BOOSTER: use the group dynamics to share our networks, be innovative, be ready to face the market in a context of tagging job market.

COCOON: we are not heroes. We need a place where we can replenish ourselves, people who care, solidarity to develop our project and be able to dare.

Together, we learn to analyze the new professional environment, to unveil our aspirations, to identify our added value. Using the group dynamic, we develop our network, elaborate portable career strategies and implement them.

JBC-buzzConcretely, the groups will take place in Expat Communication’s premises, Rue d’Uzès, Paris 2nd. The groups, from 8 to 10 people, will be held in English at first and gradually in French. You can be registered by your spouse’s company or subscribe directly. The goal is to meet once a week, up to a year if needed, to launch together innovative projects to find job with a very standardized method.

Fun, co-construction, quality, these are the ingredients of the Job Booster Cocoon.

Pass the word : in Paris, the global bees make their buzzzzz

Alix Carnot, Development Director
Expat Communication is a company based in Paris since 2001 which supports the expatriates and their families from more than 100 companies.

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Alix Carnot est Directrice Associée chez Expat Communication, l'éditeur de FemmExpat et Expat Value - Auteur de Chéri(e) on s'expatrie, guide de survie à l'usage des couples expatriés.

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